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[30] Charity Name:Mitsuharu Matusoka Date:2018/02/02(金) 09:25 [ 返信 ]
This is a test.

[12] Topic 6: The Harm in Charity Name:Mitsu Matsuoka Date:2015/12/15(火) 13:28 [ 返信 ]
"Charity is injurious unless it helps the recipient to become independent of it." — John D. Rockefeller. Rockefeller was not alone among wealthy industrialists in his thoughts on charity. Fellow business titan Andrew Carnegie also observed, "One of the serious obstacles to the improvement of our race is indiscriminate charity." Do you agree with Rockefeller and Carnegie, or do you believe that charity is necessary and beneficial? Explain your position, between 250 and 300 words in length, with reasons and examples from your own experiences, observations or reading.

[22] RE:Topic 6: The Harm in Charity Name:Okano Yuta MAIL Date:2016/02/07(日) 12:11
I completely agree with this opinion. There is one reason why I came to think so. It is a story which my Shorinji-kenpo teacher experienced.
According to my teacher’s story, a foreigner visited in his house once. The foreigner just came to Japan and did not have work at that time. He was very hungry, so he asked it to give my teacher some food. My teacher gave a rice ball to the foreigner. When he ate it, he returned. On the next day, he came over again and asked it whether my teacher did not give any food again. My teacher said “ All right.” and gave a rice ball to he once again. Furthermore, on the next day, he came over again and was going to ask again. My teacher declined his demand then. My teacher said to him in this way. “When help is necessary, you may rely. However, you must not think it to be a proper thing. Your situation will not change all the time if you think so.”
I turned have a big thought to hear this story. I thought that I should help them to a troubled person until their problem was settled before listening to this story. I believed that a donation as it was superabundant was necessary for a charitable undertaking. However, for the solution to problem, it was not a good method. If you want to really solve the problem, you should perform philanthropy because a troubled person becomes independent.

[28] RE:Topic 6: The Harm in Charity Name:Kamiya Tomohiro Date:2016/02/07(日) 15:36
I agree with Rockefeller and Carnegie. I think charity accelerate grief of the poor. If we cannot give mercy to all the people, we should not help them. Only help part of the people, it is better not to help.
For example, a country found a charity organization. That organization may help first the county that is profitable for the country or have diplomatic relations. Then, the country that doesn’t helped may feel sad or get angry. I think that it is difficult for really poor countries to give profits to other country and have diplomatic relations. So these country may put off.
There is also support other than the country. For example, in japan, we often hear a charity to the baby who has the incurable disease. It is that we raise funds to the charity organization, the baby can go overseas and visit the hospital that can operate the incurable disease. But there is a lot of previous visitors and long waiting time. So the fund is used to get priority. This charity seemingly nice. But actually, this charity has a possibility that they kill the person who was scheduled to undergo surgery earlier. I think this is not really charity. Only wealthy people can found charity organization. In this case, really poor people put off.
Today, charity cannot help all people. There is a difference between wealthy and poor in charity campaign. This cannot call really charity. I think these charity is not required.

[29] RE:Topic 6: The Harm in Charity Name:Yoshida Kei Date:2016/02/07(日) 22:09
I agree with the opinion, and I think it is necessary to assist developing countries. However, it is also needed stop assisting. There are some opinions about that. If we continue supporting the countries, the countries are ruined, because they depend on forever. They are not willing to feed their selves. It is said that we should stop when some stores begin business. Then they can do by their selves. On the other hand, despite there are many children, there are not so many schools. So, some of them can’t go to school. In fact, there is not school near their houses; it is about 10 kilometers for school from houses. Indeed, they want more schools and they can’t build by them now. All people have the rights to learn in schools. When their governments can’t protect the right, others should do. Children don’t commit crime and many of them want to go to school, learn and study.
There is other reason why they can’t go to school. Almost all of them are poor and they don’t have money to live today. So they must work or beg in streets. Some of them must help their parents. They don’t afford to study. Why they must do so? It is not their fault. I think they are miserable and I am very happy. But whereas, it may be unfair. If we can study, all children all over the world should have the right. We should support until they can study freely.

[1] Topic 1: Wikipeida Name:Mitsu Matsuoka Date:2015/10/05(月) 17:56 [ 返信 ]
Wikipedia is a collaborative online encyclopedia that is written and edited by its users. Anyone may contribute information about a given topic or edit information posted by other users. A city official has posted a short entry on the town that provides only basic information. In an effort to collect as much information as possible, the official is encouraging each resident to share his or her local knowledge by writing about an aspect of the town that is particularly familiar. Write a short essay, between 250 and 300 words in length, to add to your town’s Wikipedia entry. Be sure to choose a topic that you know a lot about.

[16] RE:Topic 1: Wikipeida Name:Yoshida Kei Date:2016/01/24(日) 16:00
I am from Tajimi city in Gifu. My town is famous for pottery and ceramics. It was said that Tajimi was the best producing area of them. In fact, we have Pottery Festival, and much many people have participated in the festival. We love pottery and ceramics even now.
In school lunch of elementary and junior high school in Tajimi, we use ceramic plate. That is very unusual, so other schools don't use it.
Tajimi also has Unagappa, which is so-called Yurukyara".It is united eel and Kappa which is one of Japanese monsters. Its gender is known to nobody. It has tail and fin of eel, cute eyes, a beak and body of Kappa. It is very famous around Tajimi. I hope it become more famous in Japan.
Tajimi city was the hottest city of Japan about ten years ago. Then, it recorded 40.9℃. However, other cities have been getting hotter recently, and some cities are now hotter than Tajimi. That is too bad for citizens of Tajimi.
Tajimi is surrounded by some mountain: Kasaharahuji, Houzuki mountain, miroku mountain, Douju mountain, Takashiro mountain, Asama mountain, and takane mountain. So, there is much nature in Tajimi. In addition, there are some rivers. Toki river, one of them is very long. It has 96 kilometers. I want to swim in on a summer day.
We can go to Nagoya from Tajimi easily, one train carry us. If you want to work in Nagoya, I recommend you to live in Tajiimi.

[27] RE:Topic 1: Wikipeida Name:Okano Yuta MAIL Date:2016/02/07(日) 12:15
I live in Sakura. Sakura is a town which is the edge of Yokkaichi-Shi. Sakura has many residential areas. On the other hand, Sakura has few sightseeing spots and famous products for tourists. There is nothing to mention specially about charm in Sakura. However, I am convinced that Sakura is good place. In my opinion, there is charm of Sakura outside Sakura. I would like to talk about the reason.
Sakura is a rural area, but there is not very beautiful scenery and the place full of nature. There are these charms in Komono. Komono is a town near Sakura. Komono is only ten minutes by car from Sakura. Komono has many mountains. In autumn, mountains turn red and become the beautiful figure. In summer, we can swim in a river, catch a fish in fishing pool and eat the fresh grilling fish with salt. However, a large quantity of snow falls in winter. There is Yunoyama in the reverse neighbor of Komono. Yunoyama is famous in a hot spring. Several years ago, a big facility of the hot spring was built. We can enjoy a hot spring here, but it is inconvenient to live here because it is far from the town.
Sakura is a place of thirty minutes by car from the center of Yokkaichi. So, when I buy something, it is not much inconvenient. The interchange of the expressway is in Sakura. We can go to Nagoya with east Meihan Expressway and go to Kyoto and Osaka with the new Meishin Expressway.
Sakura is at the position where a city-like advantage and the good point of the country are got from at the same time. Sakura matches you, if you wanted to live a life with nature, but have not want an inconvenient place.

[2] Topic 2: Adapting to New Technology Name:Mitsu Matsuoka Date:2015/10/12(月) 17:58 [ 返信 ]
New technology can solve problems, but it often creates new problems. The invention of the automobile, for example, created the need for speed limits, driver's licenses and traffic lights. Can you think of an invention that created problems when it was introduced? How were these problems solved? Explain your position, between 250 and 300 words in length, with reasons and examples from your own experiences, observations or reading.

[8] RE:Topic 2: Adapting to New Technology Name:Kamiya Tomohiro Date:2015/11/12(木) 22:45
Human have been invented various vehicles until now.
Nowadays, a lot of car is running the way. Cars made our life very convenient. But cars can also be a weapon. Cars cause accidents. Car accidents are often very miserable. Many people died in car accidents every year. Thanks to science development, human can make mass of iron run at amazing speed. But human body does not evolve. If cars hit human body, of course, human lose. When you just walking, if a car hit you by rampage suddenly, you will die. Era there is no car, such a death way would not be occur.
Many people also use trains. In big city, most of the people move by train. But some people suicide by train. Of course, train is mass of iron. We can die easily by train. I think this is a problem. Anyone suicide by the train, then the train will must be suspended service. People cannot move, and be at a loss. The more people die by train, the more increase economic damage. Suicide is bad thing for themselves and society.
Planes is one of the most excellent vehicles people developed. Thanks to planes, people can cross over the sea and visit far country easily. As a result, people would be able to know many other country’s culture and economy. On the other hand, people would able to attack other country. I think planes increase the momentum of war. Planes killed countless people, and will kill many people from now on.
Brilliant inventions develop our life. But people mistake how to use, it also bring bad influence. We have to understand correct use and to be careful.

[17] RE:Topic 2: Adapting to New Technology Name:Yoshida Kei Date:2016/01/24(日) 16:34
I think the invention of automobile is necessary now. We can go to much far place from where we are thanks to the invention. In addition, even there are people who like to drive only. In fact, I also like to drive, partly bicycle. If we lost that tool, our values would become narrow and we could not experience many things which we should do. For example, we can’t go advancing nations. That means we can’t know that we are in peaceful country and happy. The good of automobile must be over the harm of it.
Then, what is risk of using automobile? Many people may think the main risk is traffic accident. Indeed, if we were involved in, we might kick the bucket, or be injured seriously. If nobody used automobile, we would pass away due to traffic accident. However, you misunderstanding accidents occur frequently. In fact, plane accidents come about one time in 17 billion fliting for example.
I have a bike and use it frequently, but I have not been involved in any traffic accident. It has very little probability that we have a traffic accident. So, the risk is so small, but benefit is much large. If you use bike, you realize that bike save you travel cost. The bike takes you 30 kilometers using one liter gasoline, and that cost 110 yen. If you use train, you must pay more three times. Automobile has many virtues if you use it in right case. When you go out alone, you should use your bike, not your car.

[26] RE:Topic 2: Adapting to New Technology Name:Okano Yuta MAIL Date:2016/02/07(日) 12:14
In recent years, Internet technology develops rapidly. Several years ago, we could use the Internet only by the computer, only when we are home. Now we can use the Internet by many devices. We can use the Internet anytime. In particular, smart phone is the most popular device. The smart phone is a kind of the cell-phones. Most people have a smart phone now. The smart phone includes a browser and several kinds of communication tool. So, most people do the Internet and communication with a smart phone not a computer. We can’t send modern life without the smart phone. At the same time, however, people using the Internet increase without learning the way to use the Internet.
One big problem is that many people cannot understand whether the information is right. There is much information in the Internet. The information is right or wrong or only a part is right. Furthermore, on the Internet, a false rumor tends to be easy to spread. You must determine whether we can trust it by oneself.
Another big problem is that you say wrong information. Even if there are not you on purpose, somebody may believe the wrong information that you said. In addition, you may repeat in the same way when the people of the circumference believe the same false rumor and repeats. You may widen a false rumor in this way too.
These are the problems that anyone may commit. However, these do not have the basic solution. It is the only measures method that each people are always careful and use it.

[4] Topic 3: River Swimming Name:Mitsu Matsuoka Date:2015/10/29(木) 09:05 [ 返信 ]
While swimming in a river something shiny near the bottom catches your eye. You dive down to get a closer look. What is it? Why is it there? What will you do with it? Write a story, between 250 and 300 words in length, describing what you find. Be creative!

[13] RE:Topic 3: River Swimming Name:Kamiya Tomohiro Date:2015/12/28(月) 14:50
One day, I went to the river near my house and swam in the river. When I was swimming, I found a fish on the bottom of the river. The fish is very small and moved fast. Suddenly, the fish stopped swimming and looked at me. Its eyes was sparkled. I was very surprised. I tried to approach but the fish ran away. I chased it but I could not catch up with it. Reluctantly, I resumed swimming. Soon later, the fish appeared in front of me. Surprisingly, the fish was smiled! Next, face of the fish changed into my face. At first, I think it was a Hallucination. But the fish continued smiling. I was scared and ran away. I got out of the river and go home. Next day, I was sitting on the sofa in my room. Suddenly, I felt something on my back. When I see my back, there was my face on the wall. That was the fish I saw yesterday. The fish was swimming in the wall. I got out of the room and entered another room. But the fish was in there! I got out of my house. And I stayed in a hotel near my house. And I went to bed quickly. Since then I have not gone home and the fish have not appered.

[18] RE:Topic 3: River Swimming Name:Yoshida Kei Date:2016/01/24(日) 17:04
When we look at a river, we think it is shallow a little. But in fact, it is deeper than we think. We think its depth is safety and dive in. Until we dive in the river, we don’t realize it has dangerous depth. In the river, our feet will not reach the bottom against our thought. We get panic and are drawn temporarily. Several second later, we realize what occurred to ourselves. And we slowly flaw using all limbs. But, this story is for people who can swim. If people who can’t swim dive in the river, they can’t survive without any help. If you are able to swim, you can get the something shiny.
That is a small, clear, and smooth stone, and you notice that it is a jewel which is very expensive. You differ to hold or sell. If you sell, you think, you can get sum but you do not feel selling it easily. Eventually you decide to hold.
In several days, in midnight the stone begins shinning and a beautiful woman (like a female god) appears, and he says she will fulfill your hope. You differ again, and you question how many hopes she can fulfill. She answers only three. You decide. You say her you want many friends. In fact, you have few friends so you want to be surrounded by many friends. And you added you want to court with her, because she is his type. But she turns down latter and makes many your friends.

[25] RE:Topic 3: River Swimming Name:Okano Yuta MAIL Date:2016/02/07(日) 12:13
A certain summer day I went to the mountain to camp with my family, my friends and the family of friends. While parents prepared for the barbecue, children went to swim in the river nearby. When I swam in a river, I found something small shiny at the bottom of the river. “What is that?” When I was going to check it, I was invited to rice. I told it to friends during a meal and decided that we went to confirm it together.
After a meal, we went for the golden sand which sank into the bottom of a river. “What is this?” “It may be gold dust.” ”Gold!” “It sinks into the river a lot.” “Let's collect them together.” We went into the bottom of the river many times and took the gold absorbedly. After we took the money to some extent, we returned because we were tired.
One parent called out to us to see our joyful face. “Is there something good?” “We found gold.” “Gold?” Other parents came over too. To hear our explanation, my father talked. “It is pyrite.” “Pyrite?” “It is metal called the fool’s gold by another name. The pyrite resembles gold. So you would mistake it for gold.”
My friends were disappointed to hear it. I was disappointed a little too. It was not the gold, but I thought that pyrite was a beautiful crystal. The friend was going to throw it away, but I stopped it and got it from them. I still put the pyrite in a bottle and display it.

[5] Topic 4: Generalists vs. Specialists Name:Mitsu Matsuoka Date:2015/11/10(火) 13:01 [ 返信 ]
"In our time, specialists of all kinds are highly over-rated. We need more generalists-- people who can provide broad perspectives."

Present your perspective on the issue above, using relevant reasons and/or examples to support your views. The length should be between 250 and 300 words.

[14] RE:Topic 4: Generalists vs. Specialists Name:Kamiya Tomohiro Date:2016/01/03(日) 14:46
 I agree with this opinion. I think specialists often pursue professional interests and it is not what is required by the public.
For example, governments do many administrative. Governments consist of politicians. They often reform a city by constructing buildings, stations, and tourist spots. They do not incorporate the citizen’s voice. So, these facilities are what no one want. The tourist spots become low quality. As a result, citizen do not use the facility. Tourists do not visit the spots.
Scientists and company often only look to progress of technologies. Consumer electronics often equip unnecessary functions. For example, All latest TV have internet browser. So the price became highly than before. Do people really want internet browser on TV? Scientists think electronics need more high technologies. In fact, general people do not want more high technologies. As a result, today, old products which have minimum functions are booming up.
Specialists have too many knowledge to think like general people. In society, the majority is not specialists but general people. Organization have to focus on the opinion of general people.

[19] RE:Topic 4: Generalists vs. Specialists Name:Yoshida Kei Date:2016/01/24(日) 17:29
I don’t agree the opinion, I think specialists have critical rolls and they provided many benefits for society. If specialists have not existed, we might not have such advanced civilization. If all people had standardized thought, nobody could invent some useful tools, for instance car, train, cellphone, computer and so on. What will happen if we did not have them? Maybe, our lives would be dull, no entertainment, no travel abroad, even neighbor prefecture. Did you know many investigations were made by many specialists? You wish for such a dull world?
Indeed, they have odd thought and say seemingly crackbrained opinion, but that might be the innovative opinion. The reason why you think it is odd is because you cannot understand what they mean. The theory of relativity is, proposed Einstein called the father of the theory, not followed. However, now we know it and think it is right. If you reject specialist’s opinion, we can’t up the next stage
In the future, they will invent many tools and make our lives more convenient. So, people who are over-rated are necessary. There are probabilities that we can go universe easily, we can get what we want soon, and even we can go past. Do you think it is excellent? Lost of them means we lost the fantastic future and human evolution. I hope the number of specialists increase, and make this world more abundant. Eventually, we might be able to save all children in advancing nations from any suffering thanks to specialists.

[24] RE:Topic 4: Generalists vs. Specialists Name:Okano Yuta MAIL Date:2016/02/07(日) 12:13
I completely agree with this perspective. I think that the specialist plays an active part very much in the field of one's specialty, but a generalist can do the field at all. On the other hand, the specialist can cope only by the knowledge of one's specialty in the field that is not one's specialty, but can cope from the viewpoint that a generalist is various. I think that the proud field of the generalist does not need to be specialized. I would like to tell about an example.
Do you know the tableware washing machine? The tableware washing machine can automatically clean a dish. Most restaurants have it now, and a personal house may have it. However, it was not able to wash well the first tableware washing machine and it was not trusted to here. The first one, there was much dirt on the dishes, because water did not prove right well in the machine. It was awkward that a certain engineer could not solve this problem. When he played tennis for a pastime, he hit on an epoch-making idea. He watched flying to the direction that the ball which hit a racket did not expect, and even water thought that it was possible for the same thing. Thanks to his idea, we can use the tableware washing machine.
It would not succeed if he wanted to solve a problem by a calculation as a specialist. We should be opposite to a problem as a generalist with a multidirectional viewpoint.

[11] Topic 5: Computers and Privilege Name:Mitsu Matsuoka Date:2015/12/01(火) 12:56 [ 返信 ]
Some people say that computer technology gives an unfair advantage to a privileged few. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement above? Support your views, between 250 and 300 words in length, with specific examples from your own experience, observations or reading.

[20] RE:Topic 5: Computers and Privilege Name:Kamiya Tomohiro Date:2016/02/02(火) 14:28
I agree. People are divided into two groups. One is people who are good at using computer well and the other is people who do not know how to use computer well. Today, people who can use computer well have a lot of profit. But people who cannot use computer have many disadvantages and danger.
Computer has many useful functions and make complicated work very easy.
For example, searching information by internet, sent e-mail, write a sentence, calculations, and so on.
Some people cannot use these useful functions well. These people has many disadvantages. Today, computer is used in many place. So we have to use computer to live. When we work at a company, they have to use computer to perform the job. People who can use computer well will finish work fast. But people who cannot use computer will take long time. When we buy something, we can search price of goods and stock of the shop. Using these information, and making a reservation. As a result, we can shop very comfortable. But people who cannot do so might struggle compared to the former.
On the other hands, Computer also has risks, for example, computer virus, illegal download, bad website, takeover, and so on. If we mistake how to use, computer is very dangerous. If people who do not know use computer encounter these danger, they cannot manage it. So they suffer heavy damage compared to people who can use computer well.
Today computer is necessary for our life. Computer is convenient but demand difficult skills.

[21] RE:Topic 5: Computers and Privilege Name:Yoshida Kei Date:2016/02/03(水) 16:13
I disagree with the opinion. There are some reasons why I don’t agree.
First, I think there are many people who have their own computers, even have more two. Now, for example, in Japan most college students have their own computers. I don’t know who don’t have his computer.
Second, people who are good at computer must have practiced for a long time. They can’t also use it perfectly at first. I think you all can be good at with hard practice. I want to question people who complain that it is unfair, “Do you practice very hard?” If you don’t, you have no right to say any compliment.
Third, if there is no computer, we might get in many troubles. If we can’t use excel, we must write any sentence whether it is very long. It takes much time. In addition, we must draw a graph by our hands, and maybe the figure will not be smooth. I use computer now to write this essay virtually. I don’t want to write this essay by hand, because I don’t have to erase words each time I miss.
Finally, if there is no computer, you are embarrassed too. Even if you can’t use computer, you are helped by people who can use. For example, when you want to explore something on Inter net, if you don’t know how to, what you can do is wait for someone helping you. So, you can follow the example of the benefit without using computer by yourself.

[23] RE:Topic 5: Computers and Privilege Name:Okano Yuta MAIL Date:2016/02/07(日) 12:12
I agree with this statement. People seem to be given many techniques equally in the present society. The PC and smart phone was cheaper and more convenient than old days, and it was to a done tool of the use in anyone. However, actually, the technical difference in this way becomes the big thing. There are two reasons for this.
The first reason is that much useful information uses the Internet. Many shops and companies provide service using the Internet. If you have a smart phone, many services are available. However, when you want to use service, it means that you must check the Internet. If you do not check the Internet, you will suffer a loss before you know it. The person who does not know the method to attract such Information cannot receive equal service with a person knowing.
The second reason is that a problem by the Internet sometime happens. When they become able to use the Internet a little well, they think that they understood the Internet. However, it is not deep understanding of the Internet. There is the person who is going to do mischief using the Internet. They understand the Internet really deeply. When they attacked it, the person who does not understand the Internet deeply can speak nothing. The people should learn about not only the information to usually use but also coping when a problem on the Internet happened.
The Internet technology became natural in the present age. However, for reasons of it, difference of the Internet technology becomes bigger, and more efforts are necessary to receive a benefit.

[15] Topic 7: My most unforgettable person Name:Mitsu Matsuoka Date:2016/01/08(金) 11:39 [ 返信 ]
Write an essay, between 250 and 300 words in length, describing your most unforgettable person. Use description and examples to explain why you think this person is different from other people.


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